With your partnership we are able to provide families with:

  • Gas vouchers

  • Meal vouchers

  • Lodging assistance

  • Emergency housing

  • Flight/Airline tickets

  • Assistance with child’s end of life care

  • Child’s funeral expenses

  • Toy closet when the child visits our office

  • Peer Counseling/Coaching


    It is so Easy!

    Step 1:
    Register today either online, by mail or phone. Your personal on line walker page is FREE and simple to use.

    Step 2:
    Ask everyone you know to sponsor you. You will be amazed how many will say YES! Getting online sponsors is easy and fun!

    Step 3:
    Please be sure all names and addresses are complete and easy to read. Bring your completed Pledge Form(s) the day of the Walk (or walk on your own and mail it in). Don’t collect any money. We’ll handle the billing.