Dear friends,

Have you ever had one of those “turning point” moments in your life? That’s what 2017 has been for us at IGW Pediatric Cancer Foundation. For over 15 years, IGW Pediatric Cancer Foundation has brought support to families facing a cancer diagnosis with their child. Each year, we raised thousands of dollars and sent it to the pediatric oncology department at UNM Hospital in Albuquerque for the social workers to distribute to families. We have had many fun years with the golf tournament and other events and we are so grateful that you faithfully gave and/or attended the golf tournament and many other fundraisers. You have made such a difference over the past 15 years for so many children all over New Mexico who’ve faced a cancer diagnosis. On their behalf, we want to say “thank you”!
In December of 2016 the San Juan Medical Foundation handed over the care, responsibility and funding of the Hope Children’s Fund to IGW Pediatric Cancer Foundation which brought about redirection and revitalization of our mission and purpose.

The Hope Children’s Fund provides access to medical care for children in San Juan County who must travel outside the area for care. Funding for access to pediatric medical care is available to all children residing in San Juan County.

Now the funds and support you provide through IGW Pediatric Cancer Foundation stays right here in San Juan County and no longer goes to UNM Hospital.

When we started assisting families in San Juan County with travel needs for their child’s medical care, we didn’t realize just how great the need was. We just didn’t think about the fact that there isn’t enough pediatric medical care for our children here in our beautiful corner of the world. Since January, we have assisted 117 separate families with lodging, gas vouchers, airline tickets, meal vouchers, funeral expenses, peer counseling and emotional support. Some of our families have struggled to pay their utility bill because their child’s medical bills aren’t being covered by insurance.

This is why you are so vitally important as we continue to support these folks who are our own neighbors, co-workers and friends.

This year has been an exciting year of forward progress for the foundation. We have brought on new board members, hired our first executive director and moved into our own offices so we can meet with and support the children and their families. Our offices are located at 665 W. Main in Farmington.

Because we wanted to emphasize what’s truly important to us, we also changed our name to IGW Children’s Hope Foundation and are currently in the process of rebranding. It’s so exciting to celebrate these huge steps of progress and you’re faithful support during this Christmas season.

We invite you to partner with us to give Christmas gifts to the children we serve. A special, one time Christmas gift of $50, $75 or $100 will provide gifts for children facing significant illnesses right here in our own community. Each gift will be delivered before Christmas day to the children we serve.

Please click on the Christmas Gift button to give online. Let’s make Christmas special this year for the children of San Juan County who face cancer, seizure disorder, brain tumors and other challenging illnesses.

Thank you for your support, it means everything to the families we serve!

With Gratitude,

Debbie Joslin Executive Director